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Activator Technique

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The Activator method is a Chiropractic diagnostic and treatment method that is useful for low back, neck and peripheral joint problems.  The Activator instrument is a small hand held device which delivers a gentle impulse force to the spine which restores motion to the desired spinal joint. 

This technique differs to the traditional manual type of manipulation which is known as a high velocity , low amplitude thrust. 

The Activator treatment may have advantages over manual treatments because the speed of the impulse is quicker than a patients’ muscles can tense up, so making the treatment more comfortable and effective. Secondly the applied force is very specific and does not put any stress on surrounding joints and soft tissue structures. 

So for people who may be arthritic, osteoporotic or who just want a different chiropractic approach, the Activator technique is worth looking in to. 

Small scale studies comparing Activator with traditional manipulation techniques have shown that both methods are equally effective. 


Our chiropractor at the Iveson Clinic is also able to offer Vestibular Rehabilitation, Power Assisted Manipulation and Pilates.




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