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Pilates at The Iveson Clinic

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Pilates has become a very popular exercise system. It focuses on stretching and strengthening the body, with particular emphasis on the core muscles of the torso. This can result in improving balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

The system was developed by Joseph Pilates from Monchengladback in Germany.  His father was a gymnast and his mother a naturopath.  During the first half of the twentieth century, he developed a system of excercises which were intended to strengthen the human mind and body.

The six essential principles of this beneficial exercise system are centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. The exercises help to support head and cervical placement, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, they also benefit scapular movement and stabilization.

At the Iveson Clinic we offer individual sessions in Clinical Pilates, which is basically the same exercises but modified and tailored to the weaknesses of each individual. These exercises can be used as treatment, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


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