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The Iveson Clinic for Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

Long Melford, Sudbury


The First Visit

 First visit chiropractic


At first, a full case history is taken, which not only covers your current problem, but also your previous medical history. If it is felt that Chiropractic will not be appropriate for your condition, then referral to either your GP or relevant Health Care Professional will be made. (All records are confidential but we do, with your consent, like to keep your GP informed of findings, diagnosis and treatment.) Patients will be offered a medical gown for examination. At this stage a full orthopaedic and neurological exam is performed.

Once all the findings are bought together, a diagnosis and treatment plan are made and discussed with the patient, where any questions can then be raised.

Chiropractic at the Iveson Clinic is also able to offer Activator technique, Power Assisted Manipulation and Pilates.




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