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Here at the Iveson Clinic, we embrace the chance to share ongoing news and updates about developments in physiotherapy practice, key case studies, chiropractic treatments and articles of interest to share with our readers. Latest news from the Iveson Clinic, news about new staff and even occasional giveaways!

If you browse recent posts, there are some interesting blogs, such as “Hip Arthroscopy- a hot topic”, which discusses Andy Murray’s recent surgery. An article on dizziness outlines the different causes and tests and possible treatment options such as the Epley Manoeuvre. There are also articles on inflammatory backache, the most common form known as Ankylosing Spondylitis, and a further blog discusses knee arthroscopy or keyhole surgery to the knee. Recent research has found that treatment of degenerative arthritis of the knee combined with meniscal tears does just as well with physiotherapy and exercise as opposed to knee arthroscopy.

A blog on World Acupuncture Day discusses some potential benefits of acupuncture, with evidence regarding treatments for shoulder, tennis elbow, knee, back pain and headaches. A further article titled, “Keep on running”, discusses how trigger point needling is becoming increasingly popular in the sporting world due to the rapid effect it has on pain arising from tense muscles and myofascial tissue.

Latest news also comments on topical issue related to the time of year, such as early spring and everyone getting out in the garden, to winter time and slipping over on the ice!

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(Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have to undertake a certain number of hours CPD training each year to stay abreast of current developments and evidence based treatments.)

Julie undergoes pioneering hip surgery

Many of you will know that Julie Iveson was about to undergo hip surgery, for damage she sustained several years ago, as an international gymnast. Well four weeks on, Julie is back on her feet, doing her exercises regularly and looking forward to returning to work in mid March. Hip surgery has advanced considerably over recent years, with several options now available, from arthroscopy to hip resurfacing, stem cell therapy, microplasty and finally total hip replacement. The rule of thumb is to preserve the patient’s own bone/tissue for as long as possible, and these innovative techniques have now allowed more...

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cells are perhaps nature’s best kept secret. These cells, which are found in humans and other organisms, have the ability to divide and multiply and thus form various structures such as cartilage and bone. Adult stem cells (as opposed to the controversial embryonic cells ) are generally taken from the patient’s own bone marrow, which prevents the possibility of infection or rejection. It is currently being trialled worldwide and we will watch this space to see how things...
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