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Scar Massage

Scar Massage

The resulting scar following surgery, injury or trauma can have significant consequences; far greater than what is seen on the superficial surface.
Adhesions from the scar can form and attach to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and even organs; this can then effect the function of these structures.
Scar massage aims to improve circulation, flexibility and break down the adhesions to encourage the scar to function “normally”…. To read more click on the green header above….

Giveaway – The Iveson Clinic

Celebrating our 5000th patient

In celebration of approaching our 5000th patient, we are delighted to offer this Autumnal Giveaway. The Iveson Clinic is based in Long Melford, offering Physiotherapy , Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatment, by widely experienced practitioners. 

Our giveaway, which is worth £45 , includes: Kinesiology tape, Ice Pack, Wheat Pack, Candle, £10 Gift Voucher, Pen and Credit card cover… to read more click on the green header above….

Do You Need a Knee Arthroscopy?

Treatment of Degenerative Knee Arthritis and Meniscal Tears

For many years knee arthroscopy has been used for patients with persistent knee pain, instability due to a torn meniscus, debridement (removal of loose bodies within the knee) and for diagnostic purposes.

Recent clinical trials have studied patient recovery times and outcomes when treating degenerative meniscus tears with arthroscopy versus a combination of physiotherapy and exercise. The conclusion was there was no further benefit from arthroscopy compared to a programme of physiotherapy and exercise.

At the Iveson Clinic when a patient presents with an arthritic knee or cartilage degeneration, a detailed assessment and treatment plan can be made… To read more click on the green header above…