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The resulting scars /scars following surgery, injury or trauma can have significant consequences. These can be far greater than what is seen on the superficial surface. Adhesions Knee Scar Massagefrom the scar can form and attach to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and even organs. This can then effect the function of these structures.  Scar Massage can help with this.

Sensation can be lost or an area can become hypersensitive around the scar site. This can cause cause pain and aversion to touching the area, or even having clothing touching the area.

A scar that is puckered or red may well have developed these adhesions.


Scar Massage

The massage  aims to improve circulation, flexibility and break down the adhesions. Encouraging the scar to function “normally”, resulting in a better appearance, reduction in pain and improved functioning of the scar and surrounding tissues. It takes 2 years for a scar to fully mature, but even after this point it can improve the situation.

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