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Richard Iveson DC – Chiropractor


Having qualified as a Chiropractor 37 years ago, Richard Iveson started his first job at the Scofield Clinic on King’s Hill in Sudbury. Here he worked alongside fellow chiropractor Tony Corrigan. After this, Richard set up his own clinic in Newmarket  (Newmarket Chiropractic Clinic) where he worked for over 30 years, treating many jockeys and stable staff ( but no horses!)

Richard has now decided to work full time at the Iveson Clinic in Long Melford, Sudbury, alongside his wife, Julie Iveson, a physiotherapist. Together they offer an integrated approach to muscle and joint problems.


Of the many conditions Richard treats, he is often asked if he treats arthritis or wear and tear in people’s spines. Here is an outline of a recent case. 


The patient was in their 70’s. – An MRI scan had indicated a worn disc in the lower spine as well as some pressure on a nerve from the surrounding joints. This was causing pain down one leg and disturbing sleep. 

Sciatica – A real pain in the back and leg!


The patient was offered either an injection into the back or surgery by a specialist.


After a full history and examination, Richard tried to identify areas of the spine which weren’t moving normally . From these findings, a plan of treatment was agreed. Chiropractic treatment aimed to restore function and reduce muscle tightness using a combined approach of gentle hands on mobilisation techniques and commencing an exercise programme.


After four treatments, the spine was functioning normally and the leg pain had gone. The patient was much more comfortable and able to sleep at night without the sciatic symptoms.


The wear and tear in the spine will still be present but the spine has been re-set to move and function as it is designed to do.

Not all cases will respond like this and every person is different. Just because a spine has wear and tear doesn’t mean you have to suffer. If you would like further information on the range of conditions Richard treats or would like a consultation, please contact: info.ivesonclinic@gmail.com or call 01787 374964.