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Fractured Patella-Anna’s story

Fractured Patella – A patient’s experience

I broke my knee cap on 1st October 2018. While I was in the garden, I  managed to trip over the dog and some wood and landed at 90 degrees on my right knee onto a paving slab. A rapid trip to A & E at Bury St Edmunds confirmed there was indeed a break – a patella fracture. This led to surgery later on that day to wire the knee cap together.

Read on to hear more about Anna’s story , sharing her experience before and after surgery. All about physiotherapy and rehabilitation for a fractured patella.
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Back Pain at Work

Back pain at work

A recent survey by the British Chiropractic Association, has found that workers experiencing back pain at work take an average of 12 sick days per year.
The study reveals that a third of the population have taken at least one day off work due to back or neck pain in the past year. More than a fifth of workers feel that back pain has a negative impact on their working life. 
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