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The New Norm at the Iveson Clinic

Welcome to our new world of precautions which are now being taken at the Iveson Clinic. This new norm hopefully safeguards both the patient and therapist during the face to face appointment. 

Full Ppe is worn during appointments

The New Norm – Precautions

Prior to a face to face appointment, screening will take place to determine whether a virtual or face to face appointment is appropriate.  If the patient is cleared for a face to face appointment, they will be e mailed a consent form. This will explain the measures put in place and any risks. 

The measures in place include :

Patients will have their temperature taken on arrival

  • Patients are requested to attend their appointment on their own where possible unless they need a chaperone.
  • Please wait outside the clinic until invited in by the receptionist
  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival 
  • Sanitisers are in place for your use
  • Patients need to wear a mask 
  • The receptionists work behind a screen and will deal with any necessary paper work with you before your treatment.
  • The patient is asked to wear suitable clothing for treatment as gowns are no longer supplied.
  • Appointments are staggered to try and prevent cross over between patients in reception.



The New Norm – Treatment Room

Surfaces in the treatment room are cleaned between patients and airing time is given between appointments. All surfaces are now washable and wiped down with antibacterial/antiviral products. 

Treatments rooms are cleaned between each patient.

The therapist changes their PPE and washes their hands between each appointment. 


The New Norm – Virtual Appointments

During lockdown, the clinic began offering virtual appointments. These were online via Zoom, Whats App, Messenger or Facetime. Alongside an excellent exercise software, virtual appointments offer advice and tips on patients’s conditions.

Rehab my patient Exercises and video software

Some insurance companies require us to offer a virtual appointment in the first instance. Virtual appointments may also be offered if you are considered too vulnerable to attend, such as having a reduced immunity. 

The response to virtual appointments has been very encouraging. In this new norm , it is helpful to be able to offer assistance in this way. 


The New Norm – Summary

We have found the new norm quite challenging! Working in full PPE in the hot weather proved particularly tricky. But not to be beaten , we have accepted this is how we will have to work for the foreseeable future.  Some patients have really struggled during lockdown with their aches and pains.  Obviously the longer you leave the problem the more chronic it may become. 

If you need some help or advice get in touch and let’s see if we can help you.

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