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Are your New Year Resolutions looking rocky?

New Year Resolutions

Did you make a New Year Resolution to get fitter, lose weight or start exercising?

January is the peak time for joining a gym or signing up to a weight-loss programme. However many of us find ourselves flagging by the end of the month (if not before!) and our new year resolutions start to look decidedly rocky.

Boca Chiropractic emphasize that one of the reasons people give up on exercise can be pains or strains. According to the British Chiropractic Association, exercise is the trigger for 30% of those experiencing back or neck pain…..To read more click on the green header above….

Back in the Garden- Gardening

Avoiding Injury in The Garden

Although we are still in the depths of winter, signs of spring are beginning to appear, with bulbs emerging from the soil and buds forming on the trees. For many of us, with spring comes the urge to get back in the garden.
However, as well as resulting in beautiful borders, gardening can also cause aches, pains and strains, especially in the lower back and shoulders….. To read more click on the green header above….