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What is Activator Technique ?

                                                                             What is Activator Technique ?


The activator technique in chiropractics is a very widely used treatment method. It is based on a system of examination and observation of differences in leg lengths. These are thought to be caused by differences in the tone of muscles in the lower back and pelvis. 


Based on the findings from the leg lengths checks, a small spring loaded device called the Activator is then used. This is used to deliver a precise impulse. It applies the appropriate force and direction into the joint. Every vertebra is then checked to see if there is any mechanical problem at each spinal level. The chiropractor can then apply the activator in a very precise way. The activator will give the correct force in up to four different directions for each vertebra. Once treatment is completed, the change in apparent leg lengths can then be used to monitor the effect of treatment. 

What does the treatment feel like?

Patients find the activator method is very comfortable as it places very little stress on the joints. It does not involve any clicking or popping which is often experienced with traditional methods of manipulation. For this reason, Activator is suitable to use on young children, right through to the elderly who may have stiff or arthritic joints. 

                                                                 Activator technique on the neck

Personal Experience

Working at Newmarket Chiropractic Clinic, I come across quite a few patients who ride horses and they are very aware of their posture in the saddle.  Any slight change in the position of the pelvis is reflected in the way they ride.  This can make a big difference to both jockey and horse’s performance.


Many people feel that as the Activator treatment is very gentle, it is difficult to see how it can make a difference to their back problems.  On a personal level, before I did the training in the technique, I had some doubts about how effective it might be. The way it is used is based on over 50 years of clinical trials and observations. After 20 years of using this method alongside more traditional spinal manipulation, I have found it to be a very useful tool. I have been able to help patients very successfully with this technique. A treatment for young and old. 

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