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At The Iveson Clinic we use many pieces of equipment to help patients recover as quickly as possible. A few years ago we were contacted by an Australian chiropractor called Dr Graeme. He sent us an electric deep tissue massage machine to trial. Deep tissue massage can be used to relax and lengthen tight muscles and is also very effective in treating trigger points.

What is a trigger point?

If you’ve ever had a masseur find a tender spot in a muscle, which feels a bit like a ‘pea’ in structure and is tender when pressed, that is a trigger point.

The problem with trigger points is that they can interfere with the way nerves control the muscles. For example around the shoulder joint, they can affect the co-ordination of smooth movement. This can lead to pain and dysfunction in the way the arm moves.

Trigger points are very common. Most people, if they press firmly into the muscle between the neck and shoulder, will find some tender spots.

The Dr Graeme Massager

We were very impressed when we tried the Dr Graeme Massager, and we have used it in The Iveson Clinic for a number of years now. Many patients find the treatment very effective for releasing tight knots in the muscles, as well as for general relaxation.

It’s great to get this treatment during a clinic appointment, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the same relief at home? The good news is that you can. Traditionally, hand-held, professional standard massagers have been very expensive but the Dr Graeme one retails for just £42 and is available at The Iveson Clinic.

Many patients have bought them for their own use, but also as gifts for friends and family. Why not give one to someone this Christmas. Surely there is no better gift than relief from pain.

Contact The Iveson Clinic for more details. To read more about the Dr Graeme Massager, visit their website at www.drgraeme.com