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Dr Graeme Professional Strength Deep Tissue Massager

                                 Dr Graeme Deep Tissue Massager


The Iveson Clinic has been using the Dr Graeme Deep Tissue Massager for many years now. It has been an extremely useful tool to have in addition to our hands on treatments. Although we use it on patients regularly , we also sell these for home use, where appropriate. 

The hand held device was originally designed by a chiropractor, Dr Graeme Blennerhassett. With a great deal of research and evidence , he has come up with this powerful and ingenious device . Graeme found that deep trigger points in muscles, prevented normal joint movement . Although stretching and massage can help ease tension in tight muscles, their effect is not always longlasting.  His patients were given the massager to use daily at home to enhance their recovery and the results were very promising. The entrenched muscular changes were greatly eased, which allowed the joints around the area to move much more freely and comfortably.  The Dr Graeme massager is now used worldwide and we are delighted with it’s results. 

How does it work?

The Dr Graeme massager works by using vibration massage. There are many scientifically recognised benefits such as:

  • relaxing muscles
  • improved blood flow
  • increasing flexibility
  • speeding recovery
  • reducing soreness after exercise.

Unlike normal hand massage, which sometimes needs painful pressure to get to a tender spot. With the massager, there is no need to press or cause pain. A piece of cloth, towel or clothing should be placed between the patient and the machine. The massager weighs 1.3kg and when held horizontally over the affected area, the weight itself of the machine applies the necessary downward pressure. When a trigger point is found , hold the massager over this for upto 30 seconds and then move around the area to look for further deep tension knots and repeat the process. You can normally feel the tension easing as the 30 seconds counts down. Treatment can be repeated daily if needed.

               Treating yourself with the Dr Graeme massager

Who is it not suitable for?

  •  Acute injuries, bruises or sprains. 
  •  Not over pacemakers
  •  If you have tumours, tuberculosis, phlebitis, thrombosis or haemorrhage
  • Do not use over varicous veins, swollen or inflammed tissue
  • Over open wounds
  • Or if you are pregnant or suffer from diabetes, without professional advice

Further information

To find out more about this device, you can go onto www.drgraeme.com . The Iveson Clinic is one of the UK registered practices supplying the Dr Graeme Massager . They currently sell at £54/unit.  If you would like advice or are interesting in buying one for home use ( collection only), feel free to contact us on 01787 374964 or e mail, info.ivesonclinic@gmail.com