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Many of us suffer with headaches from time to time.  Some people affected  more frequently than others. There are several different types of headache. One of the most common is the tension headache, sometimes called the stress headache. This causes a mild to moderate pain that spreads across the entire head in a sort of band. Tension headaches are different from migraines , which are usually felt on one side or the other.  Person with tension headache


Lots of people reach for over-the-counter pain relief to help ease the pain but what if there was a more natural way? Some recent research, published in the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in February 2016, suggests that chiropractic treatment might offer relief from tension headaches.

The study involved 62 women between the ages of 18 and 65 and concluded that, when compared to the control group, the women who had chiropractic adjustments including spinal manipulation “showed improvements in their physical role, bodily pain, and social functioning” a month after treatment.


In other words, receiving chiropractic care helped improve their quality of life in various ways and provided relief from pain. So, if you suffer from tension headaches, chiropractic can be a natural way to get relief.