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Forthcoming Art Exhibition-Sudbury Summer Art Fair

When Julie Iveson isn’t treating patients at the Iveson Clinic, she enjoys painting in her free time. Julie has been exhibiting around Suffolk and Essex for the last few years and is now looking forward to the Sudbury Summer Art Fair, in St Peter’s Church, Sudbury. This is held between the 2nd and 14th July, 2019. There is also a preview evening between 7pm-9pm on Monday 1st July, which you are welcome to.



    Julie Iveson with some of her paintings for the       forthcoming Sudbury Summer Art Fair

 Julie particularly enjoys watercolour painting. She also works in pen and wash, pointillism, and acrylics. 

If you enjoy art, printmaking, crafts, demonstrations etc, why not come along and see some of the beautiful work on display. Julie will be demonstrating dotspen on Tuesday morning, 2nd July.  You are welcome to come along and have a go! Julie also displays and sells her work from the Iveson Clinic and more of her work can be seen on the Iveson Clinic website.

We look forward to seeing some of you there

                                                           Sudbury Summer Art Fair 2019