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KatieA new member of staff has recently joined the Iveson Clinic, or rather an old colleague has returned! Katie McLernon qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2010 and began work at the Iveson Clinic in 2011 on a part-time basis, as well as working for the NHS for several years. She then went travelling and worked abroad.

After spending a year working as a physiotherapist in Singapore, Katie returned to the UK and we are excited that she has chosen to come back to work at the Iveson Clinic.

Katie’s special areas of interest are managing chronic injuries, sports injuries and paediatrics. She has qualifications in clinical Pilates, which she uses to assess and treat chronic injuries. She can also provide one to one Pilates sessions, to enable patients to gain good foundation knowledge and technique, either to help their recovery or prior to commencing Pilates classes elsewhere.

Katie is also very passionate about providing stroke rehabilitation and this can be done either in the Clinic or as a home visit. She is proud to have had fantastic results with stroke patients, in improving balance, walking and restoring function in patient’s limbs.

Katie will be treating patients at the Iveson Clinic on Thursdays, as well as offering home/domiciliary visits.