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Kimberley’s Success Story

Kimberley with her London Marathon medal


Kimberley has just successfully completed the London Marathon. As a non runner a few months ago, Kimberley decided to run the marathon to raise funds for a very worthwhile charity, CDLS. This blog explains Kimberley’s experience on developing shin splints.

Kimberley began her training in November , starting with the couch to 5K. Pain gradually started to increase in her shins as the training slowly progressed. The pain was dull and achy to begin with and graduated to  sharp pains which made training very difficult. 

The pain was mainly in the lower inside (medial) part of her shin . It was also worse on her right leg. This condition is known as Medial shin splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome.

Physiotherapy for shin splints

Pain in the shin

Kimberley came to the Iveson Clinic, to see whether she could complete her dream of running the marathon. Julie Iveson initially advised Kimberley to rest for 4 weeks to allow the inflammation to subside. Treatment was given weekly to assist with reducing inflammation, improving flexibility and easing pain with acupuncture. Kimberley was also given orthotics as she was over-pronating due to dropped arches. Whilst resting she kept up cardiovascular exercise with swimming and cycling. 

Training gradually resumed , quite slowly at first , to prevent her symptoms returning. Kimberley found the insoles very helpful but she did ache in different muscles initially. Prior to the marathon she changed her shoes and forgot to wear the insoles. Surprise, surprise….. the shin pain started again! So a lesson learnt, not to change shoes close to a marathon and if you need orthotics , always wear them!

Still no harm done. On April 28th, Kimberley completed the marathon . It wasn’t easy and there were times in the race where she hit the infamous ” wall” and didn’t know if she could manage it.  But all in all it was an amazing experience and so much so she has entered the ballot for next year!

A few words from Kimberley

” My time wasn’t quick, but I am so happy I was able to do it. It was important for me to raise funds for this worthwhile charity. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Julie’s advice and treatment.”

We are thrilled Kimberley completed the marathon and raised an amazing amount of money for such a worthwhile cause. Congratulations!

If you are a runner or sportsperson experiencing similar problems and need advice as to whether physiotherapy can help, do get in touch.

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